Welcome Sergio | Sajad Sergio has joined Hookit

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Welcome Sergio | Sajad Sergio has joined Hookit

Sajad Sergio is the newest member of Hookit, joining as the Creative Director to help us move to a new direction that is fresh and elegant in content and design.

Sergio brings impeccable skills in graphics design and digital marketing from working with local and global teams in civil society organizations, tech, travel and entertainment industry, an experience that will be vital in our everyday digital transformation mission. “I am excited to be joining one of the best firms with a promising creative team, infrastructure, and vision inspired by the perspectives of the modern world,” Sergio expressed. “I believe that I have a lot to contribute to a team, to ensure we progress inside us while contributing to our related creative, digital, and tech fields,” he added. As the CEO, I am looking forward to seeing Sergio continue his growth at our I.T. firm that has a bright vision on Africa’s socio-economical liberation through the application of digital technology in everyday life. I have collaborated with Sergio on various projects for Mema Magazine and TenTen Explore and I have no single doubt that this signing is going to be a fruitful one. Follow Sergio on Twitter @isajorsergio to stay up-to-date with his tweets and Spaces sessions. By the way, did I mention that Sergio is a Beta tester for Twitter and Spaces? He uses and tests new features before the rest of the world. Yeap! Hookit, Remarkable Results.
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